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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is an extremely effective medium for verbal communication which is always where you want/need it. A mobile billboard, because that's what an advertising trailer or advertising
van is, gives you about 24 m2 of advertising space located at the driver's or passers-by's eye level. Additionally, depending on your needs, we can strengthen such a message with additional stimuli
such as sound or smell (aroma marketing). Our company has four types of mobile media:


  • KM Polska type A advertising trailer, banner size of 504x238 cm on each side (24m2 of advertising space)
  • Backlight type KM Polska advertising trailer, banner size of 608x278 cm (about 35m2 of advertising space)
  • Backlight KM Polska advertising van with commercial bodywork, banner size of 512x246cm cm (about 24m2 of advertising space)
  • advertising train - combination of a Backlight bodywork ad van with a Backlight type ad trailer (about 59m2 of advertising space)

What is mobile advertising about? First of all, being where people are. A car towing an advertising trailer moves at the appropriate speed along mutually agreed routes, providing stops in places where it is allowed and at the same time generating traffic. The main advantage of this type of media over a standard billboard is its ability to reach the customer. We are not in one fixed place where the highest traffic is during rush hour, and we are always where there are people. Additionally, we can be found where there is no possibility to rent a traditional billboard. What's more, we can extend such a mobile campaign with outdoor activities carried out by hostesses, we can distribute tea, coffee, cookies or any other products that will enhance our message, such as aroma marketing or sound transmission from speakers.